Platinum Educational Group is the authority in delivering valid & reliable testing, scheduling, skills tracking, and reporting solutions via and Platinum Planner. Both programs are compliant with accrediting agencies!


What Makes Different?


·   Computer Adaptive Testing that mimics the National Registry exam!

·   Create CUSTOM tests based on criteria you select!

·   Identify and modify the difficulty level of test questions you create!

·   Provides detailed item analysis on every quiz, test, and final exam!

·   Blueprinted, pre-made Final Exams with unique questions not part of the regular question bank!

·   Build your own final exam or use ours!


What Makes Platinum Planner Different?


·   Our online platform saves Coordinators and Instructors hours of time per week!

·   Makes accreditation site visits easy and stress-free with detailed reports!

·   Provides students with detailed progress reports!

·   FREE fully-functional student and preceptor app!

·   Easy to set up and get started!

·   FREE Unlimited Training for Instructors--no matter how many times!

·   FREE Unlimited Customer Support for ALL Users

·   No Institutional Fee!



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