Leadership. FAEMSE will develop and support standards of excellence improving learning and workplace performance.

Information. FAEMSE will be the leading source of information on EMS education and training. Our organization will promote the worldwide exchange of information.

Research. FAEMSE will support the development, investigation, evaluation, and publication of innovative and effective educational methods.

Networking and Partnerships. FAEMSE will promote professional networking and form partnerships with individuals and organizations resulting in improved learning and workplace performance.

Development. FAEMSE will create opportunities for continual learning and professional development for itself as an organization, its members and all individuals involved in EMS education and training throughout the State of Florida.

Goal Actualization

We will move closer to achieving our vision by:

  • Focusing on the highest priority issues for the EMS education and training community.
  • Monitoring global education and training for changes and modifying our strategies as needed.
  • Subscribing to a corporate climate that promotes continuous quality improvement.
  • Adhering to sound management and financial practices.
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